New submission from Kanwal

Everything was fine till my husband went abroad for earning money. I was the only lady in the house with my children. As i was the wife of the eldest son of the family so everyone used to visit my home. My brother-in-law used to visit my place very often. I had no idea about the intentions and his feelings about me. I only knew that he is my brother-in-law and he visit us only to see us and to know that we need anything or not. He used to love my children a lot so i really had no idea why he visit us very often. One day my sister who was married to my husband’s younger brother came to my house and told me that Mubassir who my brother-in-law who used to visit us very often showed my nude picture to my sister. My sister knew that i can not do this because she knew that i love my husband a lot and i can not cheat him not only because i had children from him but also because i love my husband from the core of my heart. After listening my sister’s words i was not able to believe on my ears but that was true. The very next day he came to see us and his reaction was normal and i had no idea how to react or whether to tell my husband about this whole situation or not. The only thing i knew was that how he could do this to me. These all things were jumping on my mind when he came near me and told me that my sister who was married to my husband’s younger brother said him that i am not a good lady, and have an eye on his husband and i want him to divorce my sister so that i can marry him. After listening his words i had no idea where the hell i was, I started crying and in the main while he touched my hand and i forcefully pushed him back and ran to my room and locked it from inside. I don’t know at which time he went back, i didn’t came out of my room for the whole day. Next day i called my sister and told her what happened to me the last evening. She was also shocked after hearing my words. I knew that my sister can not do this and can not say this to anyone. She guided me to ignore him and also not to tell my husband about it because this may cause a lot of problems in the family. He continued to do these kind of things with me and my sister and when he realized that we are afraid of him and what he is doing he called my husband and told him that i had an affair with him. My husband called me and asked about it from me. I had no idea how to respond him. I got affraid so i put the phone reciever off. This act of mine gave my husband a point to ponder that why i did not gave him the answer. My husband called his sister and asked about the whole story from her. And guess what ? Mubassir told the same thing to his wife, what he told to my sister and my husband. My sister-in-law told the whole thing to my husband and my husband called his lawyer and sent me the divorce papers….
That was the worst time for me, i had no one to hear me, to believe me, to tell me that what to do and what not to do. I cried alot, i wanted to clear each and everything to my husband, to my sister, to my sister-in-law and to every single person who knew the false story which was created by Mubassir. Now not only Mubassir was harrasing me but the other men of my family also started doing this. They used to sent me vulgar videos and a lot of stuff like this. As the days were passing, his acts were becoming unbearable for me so i decided to took an action. I could not commit suicide because there was no one who will take care of my children after me to I decided to tell the truth to every single person who thought that i was wrong. I called Mubassir and said him to visit my place as soon as he can. He wanted this to happen so he reached my home within 10 minutes. I turned on the camera and put it in the vase near a sofa. After he came i asked him about what he wanted from me. The each and every single thing he was hurting me in the deep inside my heart but i kept listening him. I can not tell you guys what he said but hope you guys can understand the situation and what a black minded person can say. I said him that i will call him after few days because i need some time to think. As soon as he left my place i went to my husband’s home and showed his video to every single person present over there and sent that to those who were not there. Every single person over there was guilty about what they did. My husband called my brother-in-law and showed him the video and started fight with him. I stopped my husband and slapped my brother-in-law for what he did to me and i left the place. My husband sent his lawyer to me the very next day and asked for apology. Only for the sake of my children i accepted his apology and went back to my house. My husband filed a case of harassment against him and by Allah’s grace he got punished. He came under the custody of police. Every single person of my family felt sorry for what happened but today i am happy for whatever happened because it gave me the power to stand and act against the unlawful. I know it hurts when your loved ones are against you but believe me, if u are not wrong than the whole world can not prove you wrong.
Have faith in yourself and than see what happens. No girl is less than a boy and harassment, oh come on we can fight against it. If i can do than you guys can also.