New submission from Rehana

I was coming home at night from a really good job interview. I got on the bus at Metro Station and headed back toward Metro Station. About a stop or two down the track a drunk man got on the train, singing VERY loudly and sat directly across from me. I ignored him until about 10 minutes later when I noticed he was opening a can of bud light. I looked away trying to ignore him again and when I glanced back I saw him starring directly at me. I glared back at him trying to get him to stop but he just kept going so I changed seats. He began to laugh and say degrading comments toward me … so I flicked him off . And then he began getting really aggressive, stumbling toward me and threatening me. After some time my station came and I exited the train. The ONLY bystander on a train full of useless people was this angel of a woman who, as she was also exiting the train, told the man “Don’t you touch her”. I can’t thank that woman enough for standing up for me. I’m always use to standing alone, I just want someone to help me out, just for once.