Hollaback! is a worldwide development that expects to end road provocation internationally. In Pakistan no regard is paid to this grave offense against ladies and ladies are attacked and bugged on a huge scale here in Pakistan. Ladies here in Pakistan, with or without cloak, are whistled shrieked at. Fellows pass lascivious remarks on them while they are out on streets or in the shopping centers, around 99% of ladies report of being gazed at while they are at some street or shopping center, that aggravates them a ton and makes them feel like an entertainment for men. This is not enough women at bazars are touched at their private places by men at spots of awesome rushing about, no lady like to be touched along these lines. In Lahore badgering is normal at all spots like shopping centers, lanes, transports, parks, universities, schools and film houses.But to ill fate of women they can’t even report such occurrences to anybody for the honor of themselves and their families. Any ladies who reports such occurrence is either admonished by others for going out or is not even taken seriously. Besides, young ladies getting such things and reporting to their fathers or brothers gets a ban on themselves for getting out from their homes, this adds more to their wretchedness.

There has been no solution to this problem, no heed t this and no such active legislation for this issue. People, specially men, do not take it as something grave or bad rather they just say “take it in a lighter way or just as a compliment” but they never understand that this is not the thing to be taken as compliment it is something that attacks the prestige of women, something that hurts their sentiments, something that makes them feel like they are to entertain such men. We, the Hollaback! Lahore, aim to end street harassment in Lahore. We aim to use each and every facility of today’s age to end this menace from our society to make our roads and streets harassment free for our future and today’s generation.

Hollaback! Lahore is a spot where you can come and share your stories and other such statements about your experiences while you were pestered. You can even share the stories of different young ladies that you see being badgered. Here you must be confounded that as to how just sharing the stories will help in ending this menace. So let us acknowledge you that from this forum we will make people aware of what is happening in their surroundings. This will help men to get them educated as to how their such vile acts, they consider fun, impact the lives of women and how they feel about harassment. We also aim to educate the whole public as to how they have to react to harassment and harassers. We aim to work on the legislation of laws that will safeguard the women on roads. Moreover, we aim to make all the public places for women available without any gender discrimination.

Hollaback! ends the hush that has propagated sexual brutality globally, declares that any sex based roughness is unsatisfactory, and makes a world where we have an alternative and, all the more imperatively a reaction.