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New submission from Irum

I and my sister went to nearby super store and shopped things, while we were at our way back home a car stopped near us and 2 guys asked us to sit in. My sister scolded them and started moving. We were not that far that the car again came near us and started quarelling … Continued

New submission from Khadeeja

I am a 13 years old girl and one day I went to a near by park with my parents and started playing there. Recently I went to a public park with my family where I wanted to touch the flowers so I moved away from my mother and father. I look like a kid … Continued

New submission from Rida

I was with my elder sister in a bazaar and suddenly the area got a great hustle and bustle. I got myself stuck between many men, I had no place to move, people are almost on me. I tried to push a man and he looked into my eye and touched me so badly at … Continued

What is Street Harassment?

What is Street Harassment? by Asim Hafeez A few months back there was a video floating around on social media where a woman in New York City, the financial capital of world’s most developed region, United States of America was seen as an object of constant Taunts, and vulgar remarks from people while she was … Continued